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High-Quality Pest Management

At Impact Pest Management, we understand the pain businesses face when pests invade. Whether your business is large or small, we offer a combination of high-quality pest management and cost-effective services for an unbeatable solution that delivers guaranteed results. We control your pest problem through our specialized services, so things remain business as usual for our commercial clients in Saratoga Springs. Don’t wait to benefit from pest management done right every time. Call us to receive your free quote and get started on taking back control of your company.

Our Commercial Pest Control Offerings

Our approach is simple and effective. We believe every customer has unique needs that we need to address, which is why we talk to the person in charge to find out the history of the situation. This discussion helps inform us of what to look for and possible corrections we need to make. Throughout our inspection, we identify what kind of environment is causing your current pest problems.

Our team provides same-day services so we can get a jump on controlling your pest problems. With our weekly, monthly, and quarterly treatment plans, you can count on pest management tailored to any business.

Our commercial customers know they can count on us because

  • We have an on-staff Certified Entomologist.
  • We received the 2019 Elite Service HomeAdvisor Award.
  • We received the 2019 Top Pro Thumbtack Award.
  • We provide 24-hour emergency services.
  • We deliver customized solutions tailored to your business.

When you partner with Impact Pest Management, you’re signing up with a company that won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied with your service. Our technicians know the ins and outs of every type of business, which is why there’s no type of business we don’t service. You can count on us for pest management done right the first time.

Does your Business have unwanted pests? Let Us help.

Facilities We Service

Property Management

Keeping your residents happy is the number one goal as they represent your source of income. Nothing chips away at their satisfaction like a pest infestation. We provide routine visits and superior pest management services to ensure your properties are in excellent condition, and your residents remain satisfied month after month. Stay ahead of the problem with Integrated Pest Management.

Apartments and Condos


When pests invade your restaurant, it not only harms your reputation, but it also puts your staff and customers at risk for illness. Plus, pests result in failed health inspections. Our technicians have you covered with tailored pest management designed to ensure your restaurant remains up to code and your customers remain happy and full. Maintain your reputation and establishment with our commercial pest control.

Restaurant Pest Control

Educational Facilities

Whether it’s a school or a daycare, the care of children is in your hands; when pests invade, it becomes much more difficult to maintain the level of care they need, which is a problem we take seriously. That’s why we use integrated pest management (IPM) to address your pest problems within this sensitive environment. We use natural solutions and EPA-approved chemicals to ensure the safety of the children.

Educational Pest Control


Warehousing is the backbone of our society, thanks to the ease of storage and prepping for transport. However, pests like to hitch a ride into warehouse facilities, which can harm your reputation as well as the lives of your clients. That’s why we provided unmatched commercial pest management solutions that ensure your warehouses remain safe for your employees as well as your clients.

Commercial Pest Control Process

Religious Establishments

Your congregation expects a well-maintained place of worship, but when pests run rampant, this isn’t possible. At Impact Pest Management, we understand how important it is to provide a peaceful environment, which is why we provide full commercial pest control solutions that ensure those pests remain far away from your establishment so your members can remain focused on the real reason for being there every Sunday.

Religious Establishments Pest Control


Hospitals and other medical facilities rely on the highest sanitation levels possible to ensure their patients remain safe from infections. Pest infestations compromise the very mission of every healthcare facility. That’s why we provide solutions that deliver results with our routine inspections, pest monitoring, and targeted treatments to ensure your facility maintains the level of care expected by your patients.

Healthcare Facilities Pest Control

Does your Business have unwanted pests? Let Us help.

Why We Chose This Mission

Pest problems go beyond being an inconvenience. They ruin reputations, harm your brand, and expose your customers to numerous health risks. We take that seriously, which is why we work hard to consistently deliver pest management solutions that keep everyone from staff to customers safe, healthy, and satisfied. For us, pest management is more than just a one-time thing. It’s an all-time thing. That’s why you can count on us for pest management done right with every service call we make.

Our Integrated Pest Management Strategies

We know that the best approach for pest control is utilizing common-sense. Because of this, we’ve decided to invest in the strategies of integrated pest management (IPM). This structure allows us at Impact Pest Management to integrate preventative measures and begin controlling pest problems before they become a real issue. This way, we can be pro-active and establish a durable barrier between your business and pest intrusions.

This idea is brought to life by our three pillars:

  1. Experience - You want your pest control company to exceed in managing your pest problem. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can do just that!
  2. Expertise - Nathan Frushour, our owner, is an expert in the field. In all, he has been a Regional Manager, a Commercial Manager, and a Technical Director of 85 technicians and 7 different branches of pest management.
  3. Education - Nathan Frushour became an Associate Certified Entomologist in 2012, which can only be accomplished by completing seven or more years of on-the-job training in the pest control industry, passing rigorous exams based on insect pest control, obtaining a current U.S. pesticide applicators license, and adhering to the ACE Code of Ethics.

Reasons To Choose Us

We founded our company on the principle of providing top-notch services. In 2012, our founder became an Associate Certified Entomologist to ensure the absolute best in pest control solutions were used to deliver outstanding results.

We know how to deliver results to our customers because we offer the following:

  • Extensive service areas
  • An on-staff entomologist
  • High-level training for employees
  • Tailored solutions designed for your business
  • Guaranteed annual protection

Your business relies on providing the best experience and services to your customers, so why should you settle for anything less? At Impact Pest Management, we know your company deserves the best, which is why we take the time to provide pest management done right.

Pest Control That Stands Out With Impact Pest Management

We provide solutions that our competition can’t match and work hard to stand out. Our team delivers experience, expertise, and education to our commercial customers for pest management done right. We provide solutions that start working now, so your business doesn’t suffer.

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