Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management or as we like to call it intelligent pest management.

IPM combines the efforts of science and common-sense practices to simply follow.  Intelligent Pest Management reduces the need for pesticides and prevents pests from being around in the first place.  Impact Pest Management focuses on these fundamentals for real results. With an ACE Certified Entomologist on staff and dedicated to the implementation of IPM in all our programs, the responsibility in doing the right thing at the right time is the driving factor. Your technician is more than licensed and certified, but ensures these principles are followed to protect you and your home.

Do you have unwanted pests? Let Impact help.

Working Together as a Partnership

Family in their homeOur Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program involves YOU and Impact, working together as a partnership. Impact will perform your custom seasonal maintenance services and treat immediate concerns and problems.  Sometimes, pest pressures require your involvement in correcting the underlying conditions. Your friendly, well-trained Impact technician will perform a 30-point inspection of your property, identifying pests or signs of pests.  Your technician will design a plan with treatment options and recommendations to correct deficiencies they find. Protection starts from the beginning and we will customize your service as we monitor your situation and adjust to the pest pressures throughout the different seasons.


Seasonally, Impact will provide great care in protecting your home following IPM.  Basic principles of IPM are:

Exclusion and sanitation- blocking pests from entering your home and reducing the food and water pests are after.  Pests all need the usual, food, water, and shelter. So, in changing the environment we make your home less attractive for them to make a home as well.

Here are some steps to take yourself.

Inside your home

  • Keep it clean, especially areas where you prepare and eat food. Wipe down countertops, vacuum carpets regularly, reduce clutter, and sweep floors
  • Clean up after eating and don’t leave food out
  • Store grains, cereals, other dry foods, and even pet food  in airtight containers
  • Inspect new groceries for damage to packaging or pests in bags or boxes
  • Put garbage, trash and recyclables in closed containers, and empty containers frequently
  • Seal areas around doors and windows
  • Repair screens to windows and doors or considering installing them
  • Seal and plug small cracks and holes leading from the outside with caulk, screens, or other materials
  • Repair leaky faucets or drains
  • Make sure your attic, basement and crawl spaces are clean, well ventilated and dry, and seal any cracks in basement walls or to the foundation
  • Keep your garage door closed, clean, and free of clutter

Outside your home:

  • Seal any entry points where pests can gain access inside.  Door sweeps, windows, screening, and utility penetrations are key. Garage doors should be examined and sealed properly
  • Seal trash receptacles with lids
  • Store firewood away from your home to avoid harborage for rodents, spiders and centipedes, 
  • Trim back trees and bushes to provide at  least a 12 inch buffer between them and your home
  • Clean gutters around roof edges, so that pests won’t breed in trapped water there, and make sure the gutter spouts are unclogged, and that they drain away from your home
  • Don’t leave pet food out. Feed and pick it up right after
  • Discard grass clippings and leaf debris
  • Eliminate standing water

Our Points of Service

Identify the specific pest

We will inspect your house inside and out to find the specific pest problem.

Proven treatments based on Science

Our technicians follow programs developed by our certified Entomologist to manage pests based on biology and habits.

Find the Source or Home Base of the Pest

We will find the home base or source of where the pest is coming from to remove them effectively.

Remove any of the Pest's Resources

We find any sources of water, food or shelter and exclude or remove them from the pest's environment. Such as spider webs and wasp nests.

Custom Protection for Your Home

Now that we know your property, we will treat the perimeter of your house and treat all of the pest activity found on the inspection.

Use the Proper Pest Management Tools

We will monitor and followup using our knowledge and expertise to adjust to the pest activity and pressures.

Peace of Mind Protection Guarantee

If you are not satisfied Impact will return until you are.